Quench Food & Drink Magazine has attended the first da MARA’s GIRO-PIZZA

19th February 2019

Did someone say Pizza?!

The Cardiff University’s award-winning student lifestyle magazine was present at our first even da MARA’s GIRO-PIZZA night.

A Party of 8 people come over and spent the evening with us and what an amazing review has followed their visit!

“… once the Giro Pizza was announced, the inner student within me was certainly thrilled at the concept of devouring as much pizza as humanly possible …”

“… there were some choices which might be seen as a little odd to the local palate, but i can assure you that none of the pizzas were duds …”

Undeniably one of the most important comments for us:

” … unlike many pizzerias in italy, da MARA succeeds in demonstrating that quality isn’t necessarily sacrificed for the sake of quantity”

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